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Square Stickers

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Trying to raise awareness for your business or a cause that is important to you? Our custom square stickers are a great way to share your passion, brand, or simply display a personal message in a fun and creative way - they also work great as labels and signs. Start designing yours today!

Square Sticker Car Window
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Square Sticker Car Window
Square Sticker Phone
Square Sticker Computer
Square Sticker Snowboard
Square Sticker Water Bottle
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Custom Square Stickers

Square Stickers

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About The Square Stickers

Looking for a creative way to share your business brand or idea with others? Create your own custom printed square stickers to share with friends or customers. Spread the word about your store or business by giving your custom stickers as gifts to the people in your area. Theyโ€™re fun and creative and can be safely applied to your car, window, wall or other smooth clean surface.

Promote Your Business or Cause

Want to help raise awareness for a cause that is important to you? Our custom square stickers make it easy to spread awareness and get more people talking about the issue or cause. You can upload your own image or use our online design tool to create your custom sticker with a statement or design. Itโ€™s an affordable and fun way to help more people hear about what is important to you.

Square Stickers for Custom Labels & Signs

Our custom square stickers are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be safely applied to your vehicle without damaging paint. We have several sizes to choose from and bulk order discounts. All of our square stickers are made of high quality vinyl for long lasting durability. Get started by uploading an image or creating your own design before ordering online. Square stickers are ideal for custom signage and labels due to their versatile shape.

Square Stickers
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One Design, Multiple Products

Now it's even easier to give your message maximum exposure! Print your business logo on stickers, magnets, and matching tees! If you have a fundraiser or event coming up and you want to offer some giveaways, why not print some custom drink koozies to match your stickers? And if you want to make your workplace look more professional, why not get a mouse pad with your business logo printed on it? With the ability to use the same design across multiple product lines, you can order a complete branding package!

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