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Frequently Asked Questions about Stickers from

We asked the Sticker Experts - Joel and Jacob from - some of the most frequently asked questions they receive about stickers. Questions include: - What's the difference between a raster and vector image? - How do I get rid of air bubbles in stickers? - What's the difference between transfer style decals and printed stickers? - What sticker size do I need? How to calculate sticker size. - What are the differences in sticker materials and adhesives? - Does color match? - What is the largest sized sticker that can be made? - How are stickers packaged for shipping? - How long does it take to make a sticker? - Can you add a number range or other variable data to a sticker? e.g. parking permits or team member names. - What do specialty materials look like? e.g. chrome, holographic, and glitter stickers?