Zirconia parts

Zirconia Ceramic Parts

Zirconium oxide(Zirconia) has the highest strength and toughness at room temperature of all the advanced ceramic materials. it finds use in high wear and corrosion applications including valves, pumps and liners. It is the material of choice for the chemical processing and petrochemical industries.

There are several grades of Zirconia available, the most common of which are Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia (Y-PSZ) and Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia (Mg-PSZ), Both of these materials offer excellent properties.

Y-TZP (Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide) is a specialty material for critical structural ceramic applications. This material has the highest flexural strength of the zirconia materials particularly when processed using a HIP (Hot Isostat Press). The material’s extremely fine grain size makes it ideal for creating sharp blades that will, because of its excellent wear resistance, remain razor sharp, It is used in tooling and process applications for its strength, superior toughness, and excellent abrasion resistant.

Mg-PSZ(Magnesia-partially stabilized zirconia) has excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, fracture toughness, wear resistance, good thermal shock and low thermal conductivity, Due to these characteristics it finds use in high wear and corrosion applications including valves, pumps and liners, It is the material of choice for the chemical processing and petrochemical industries.

Main Characteristics

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Good Surface Finish
  • High Fracture Toughness
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High density
  • Good thermal conductivity

Main Applications

  • Pumps, pistons, and liners
  • Precision ball valve balls and seats
  • Cutting Blades, Knives,
  • Welding pins
  • Fiber optic ferrules and sleeves
  • Bearings & rollers
  • Ceramic guiders

Types of Zirconium oxide:

  • Y-TZP (White, Black, Blue, Color)
  • Mg-PSZ (Yellow Color)
  • ZTA (Zirconia toughened alumina)

Standard Zirconia Ceramic Parts:

Actech Ceramic is offering a variety of standard ceramic parts , like plates, rods and substratess. most parts are kept in stock for short term delivery.

If a special size is required, please advise and we will be happy to quote.

zircoinna Plate
Standard Zirconia Plates
  • Material:  White Zirconia
  • Available Size (L*W):  90*135, 100*100, 150*150, 110*270mm
  • Thickness:  3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15,18, 20mm
  • Tolerance:  Blanks (as fired): +3/-0mm, Precision Plate (as machining): +/-0.02mm
zirconia Ceramic rod
Standard Zirconia Rods
  • Material:  White Zirconia
  • Outer Diameter:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15mm
  • Length:  60, 120mm
  • Tolerance:  Blanks (as fired): +2/-0mm, Precision Rods (as machining): +/-0.01mm
Standard Zirconia Substrates
  • Material:  White Zirconia
  • Available Size (L*W):  100*100, 110*110mm
  • Thickness:  0.35, 0.5, 0.635, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0mm
  • Tolerance:  +/-0.02mm
Ceramic Ball
Standard Zirconia Balls
  • Material:  White Zirconia
  • Grade:  G10, G20, G40
  • Available sizes in stock:  Ø1.0, Ø1.2, Ø1.3, Ø1.5, Ø1.588,  Ø1.75, Ø2.0, Ø2.381, Ø2.5, Ø2.778, Ø3.0, Ø3.175, Ø3.5, Ø3.969, Ø4.0, Ø4.763, Ø5.0, Ø5.953, Ø6.0, Ø6.35, Ø6.5, Ø6.747, Ø7.0, Ø7.5, Ø7.938, Ø8.731, Ø9.525, Ø10.0, Ø11.0, Ø12.0, Ø12.7, Ø13.494, Ø14.288, Ø15.0, Ø15.875, Ø16.0, Ø17.0, Ø17.463, Ø18.0, Ø18.256, Ø19.0, Ø20.0, Ø22.225, Ø25.0, Ø25.4, Ø26.0, Ø26.988, Ø30.0, Ø31.75 Ø38.1, Ø40.0, Ø44.45.

Customized Machining Zirconia Ceramic Parts:

zirconia plate

Zirconia Bolcks

polished zirconia rod

Zirconia Rods

zro2 sleeve

Zirconia Sleeves

black zirconia parts

Black Zirconia Parts

Ceramic capasta

Yellow Zirconia Parts


zirconia plate
zirconia block
Yttria stabilized zirconia plate
zro2 block
zirconia board
zirconia ceramic block
polished zirconia rod
Yttria stabilized zirconia rod
zirconia nozzle
zirconia solid rod
zironia guide rods
Ceramic dowel pin
zro2 sleeve
Zirconium Oxide sleeve
Yttria stabilized zirconia
Y-TZP Zirconia sleeve
zirconia ring
zirconia tube
Ceramic insulators
zirconia parts
zirconia insulator parts
zirconia Ceramic spare parts
zirconia bar
zro2 machining part
zirconia machined parts
zro2 Components
zro2 Components
zirconia ceramic parts
zirconia parts
zirconia ceramic parts
black zirconia rod
black zirconia parts
black zirconia parts
black zirconia components
black zirconia parts
black ceramic block
Ceramic capasta
Mg-PSZ Zirconia sleeve
Yellow Zirconia ceramic capastan
yellow zirconia roller
Mg-PSZ Zirconia bushing
Mg-PSZ Zirconia ring