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Water Bottle Sticker Mania

Sticker Ideas, Stickers

You may have started noticing that more and more people are carrying reusable water bottles with them everywhere. Nalgenes, Hydro Flasks, Swells you name it - they are EVERYWHERE. There is even a tik tok trend where people show off their “emotional support water bottle” in a video. As reusable water bottles have grown in popularity so has a hot new trend: Water bottle stickers !

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Wedding DIY Decor with Decals

DIY Inspiration


Weddings are a lot of work and A LOT of money in this day and age. If you are looking for ways to make your wedding day a little more personal, a little less expensive, and a little more fun to prepare for - look no further! DIY wedding decorations can save you some money and also be a great way for you and your bridal party and family and friends to have fun preparing for your special day. We have the ultimate guide to DIY ideas using decals for your wedding here:

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Introducing: Central Oregon Trail Alliance

Fundraising & Nonprofits

Here at Car Stickers we care a lot about giving back to our community through our Nonprofit Programs . As a part of our commitment to giving back we decided to become a member of 1% for the Planet in 2021. This means that every year going forward we will be donating 1% of our sales to non-profit organizations that work towards creating a healthier and safer environment. As a part of this commitment, one of the non-profits we chose to partner with and donate to is Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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Top Sticker Trends in 2022

Marketing Solutions, Sticker Ideas

Every year different trends in sticker types and materials rise to the top and old trends fall. Brands and companies are constantly evolving and looking for new ideas and ways to market their business efficiently and cost effectively. And in a world where social media is more important than ever before and the internet is everywhere and moving fast - trends are happening quickly and new promotional trends are constantly changing!

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