Hire Me

Are you looking for a developer that understands business, marketing and app development? With my app building experience, I am able to assist in any part of your journey. I can help you with building an app from scratch, marketing, or maintaining an existing app. I can also give you advice on the viability of your app idea. I’m based in Kansas City and love to work on interesting projects.

What makes me different from a cheap developer on one of the freelance sites?

Business & Marketing Background

I didn’t start out as a developer. My background is in marketing. What does this mean? I know how to market the apps I build and can help you too. Whether it’s picking the right keywords, app title, putting together stellar screenshots, or producing an app preview video, I can help. I also worked in the insurance industry for 16 years, cultivating a knowledge of business that you won’t find in most app developers.

Experience & Success

I started building apps in 2011. 750,000 downloads and 10 apps later, I have learned how to build apps that users love. Most apps don’t get great reviews. Mine do. You can check out a few of the apps I have built here. I’ve also contracted others to build Android apps, sold a few of my apps, and retired a couple. As the sole curator of Indie iOS Focus Weekly, I keep up to date on the latest trends in mobile development.

Network Contacts

Though many apps can be built without subcontracting, if your app is a little more complex, I have an extensive network of developers, marketers, and designers I can rely on if part of a project needs special attention.

Recently, I presented in Kansas City at a mobile developers meet up. If you are curious about what it takes to build a successful mobile app, check out the slides from the presentation.