About Me

Chris Profile PicHi. I started mobile development in 2010. After struggling with books and tutorials for almost a year, I decided to dive right in and build an app from scratch, learning along the way. I released my first app in late 2011. After earning $80 my first day, I saw my app gradually fall off the map. Feeling defeated but still passionate about mobile development, I realized that coding and design are only half of what makes a successful app. I finally gave equal footing to marketing my apps and started seeing increased downloads and revenue. Since that first app, I have had over ten apps in the App Store, selling several and retiring a few. With over 750,000 downloads, I’ve learned a few things about finding success with┬ámobile apps.

In January of 2015, looking for a way to get more involved in the developer community, I started Indie iOS Focus Weekly. Issue #55 was released this week and I have over 1,000 subscribers along with a 65% open rate. I personally curate each link and have learned a ton from my fellow developers over the past year.

I’m proud to have been a guest on ‘The App Guy Podcast’ with Paul Kemp and the “App Marketing Podcast” from Steve P. Young, documenting my journey in becoming an app developer.

My newest project? iOSStack.com A hand-curated collection of iOS Links and resources to help developers build great mobile apps.

– Chris

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